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Quality, Loving Pet Care, in Your Own Home in Cloverdale, White Rock, Surrey, North Delta, & Langley, BC, Canada

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"Superb, caring service and very professional."

-- S.Hacking, White Rock --

"Having Cat's Cradle look after our pets took the stress and worry off our minds and we were able to enjoy our holidays. Loved the little daily diary of how our pets were in our absence. Cat's Cradle went above and beyond of what we expected, will definitely use them again in the future, and would recommend them to anyone who needed a pet sitter. Excellent job! Thanks so much!"

-- G.& L.Mackay, Surrey --

"Lawana's genuine love and understanding of animals and the thorough pre-sitting interview - all eventualities are covered."

-- C.Brown, Langley --

"We tried the rest, now we use the best (Cat's Cradle)."

-- S.& L.Guindon, Surrey --

"Lawana's love for animals is obvious. From the moment my boys met her, they were taken with her. That was important to me. I didn't want caring for my boys to be viewed as a chore. Taking care of Ukko & Zeus was far from a chore for Lawana. The photos, the detailed notes - these are important touches that reduced my anxiety. I would definitely have Lawana look after my boys again!"

-- C. & S. Barberis, Surrey --

"Obviously loves animals. Feel secure knowing they will be well looked after."

-- G. & S.Duffy, Surrey --

"When I was on my trip, all my friends asked who was feeding my cat. They all knew I would not just let anyone take care of my cat. I told them all I had no worries because she was being taken care of by a cat lover."

-- C.Kasdorf, Cloverdale --

"Thanks so much for caring for our fur babies. We had some specific instructions and you followed them to a T. We loved coming home to the mini report and finding out what they had been up to while we were away. Even the hyper puppy and old man hijinx couldn't scare you away!"

-- T.& T.Andrews, Cloverdale --

"We were very pleased with the high level of care given to our beloved cat 'Kami'. We were able to go on our vacation with confidence that our pet was being well cared for."

-- R.Chong, Surrey --

"It was great to leave with peace of mind after meeting Lawana and seeing her love of cats and also her knowledge. Even better was getting home to a very happy kitty!! Love the very detailed notes about the visits too!"

-- L.& S.Gryba, Surrey --

"Thank you. We didn't have to worry about our cats' wellness while we were gone. We liked the thorough record keeping. We will be repeat customers."

-- U.& E.Ross, Cloverdale --

"Thank you for taking such good care of our kitties! You really spoiled them! I loved reading your journals of each day and hearing about all the fun you had. Frodo thanks you for the Cat Dancer toy - we've gone and bought him two new ones and he's so happy! They and we look forward to the next time!"

-- N. & S. Stratton, Surrey --

"We were very happy with the service, especially since our dear kitty has a reputation for being difficult :-) Loved reading the daily notes when we returned (& reading them to everyone who knows Shagz!) - nice touch. Extremely satisfied & will use the service again. Thanks Lawana!!"

-- A.Kupczak, Surrey --

"Cat's Cradle is great! I was very impressed by the thoroughness of its website & Lawana herself. Initially I was a little nervous at leaving my diabetic cat in the care of a stranger I found through the internet. Meeting Lawana helped alleviate that worry and the emailed reports made my vacation worry-free. I loved the 'daily reports' we received on our return. The cats really enjoyed all the attention they received from Lawana and I am sure they miss her!"

-- D. & S.Shephard, Cloverdale --

"All the animals were happy and well cared for. Prefer to have them at home instead of a kennel. Nice to know someone was in the house every day."

-- D.Thornton, Cloverdale --

"I am always worried about leaving my two tiniest family members (2 tabbies, Stella & Mo) when we go away on vacation. Stella & Mo have both had health issures and require diligent care. When I left them with Lawana at Cat's Cradle, it was one of the first times I felt reassured that they were going to be just fine. It was a load off my mind!"

-- T. & M. Triggiano, Surrey --

"When meeting Lawana our minds were at ease even before we went on our trip. Knowing that she is a certified veterinary assistant was so beneficial for us, as we have an older cat that is ailing. We felt totally relaxed on our trip. Thank you so much, Lawana."

-- M. & K.Allison, Cloverdale --

"We were very impressed by the care that our three cats received. One has shyness issues, which Shannen was able to deal with and win her over. We appreciated the email updates while we were away, and how clean the house was when we got back. Thanks again!"

-- I. & R.King, Surrey --

"It was great to be able to go on vacation knowing that Weezer was well cared for by a real "cat" person."

-- D.Brambleby, Fleetwood --

"My cat and hamsters were well cared for - it was wonderful to have peace of mind that the pets would be taken care of while we were away, by someone who so clearly loves animals so much. The kids and I really enjoyed the daily comments about our kitty! Will definitely use Cat's Cradle Critter Sitter in the future, and very highly recommend!"

-- C.Edwin, Cloverdale --

"We found Lawana's service to be extremely professional, thorough and very caring. She has a true love for animals and it clearly shows. It gives us great comfort to know we can leave our cats in her care and are confident they would recieve the best treatment possible."

-- S.Walsh/R.Lee, White Rock --

"Thanks again for looking after McCoy, Nelson and Maddie. I had never gone away and left them, but was put at ease knowing that they would be getting your best care. Thanks."

-- D.Jansen, North Delta --

"Thanks Lawana! Everything was awesome. Loved the reports."

-- R.Bohdanowicz, Langley --

"Thank you, Lawana, for looking after our critters & our home. We had a very memorable holiday - we are so grateful for your genuine concern for our cats' well-being!"

-- G. & D.Kovacs, Langley --

"I was very worried for Cleo because of her age and health needs. She is arthritic and can't get up or down on chairs etc. She had been traumatized after a ten day stay in a kennel 2 years ago, so I have not left her since then. I am so happy and relieved to find Cat's Cradle, knowing that I can go away with confidence that Cleo will be lovingly cared for. Thank you."

-- H.Absolom, White Rock --

"I just want to thank you for your amazing company. Right from the start you were so professional, yet very personal. I was blown away by all of the in-depth questions and concerns. Dime and Zin love you and I think they miss you. I loved the daily notes on what you did with them. They made me smile on my return. My cats were so at ease and calm when we came back after two weeks and Zinny was much more active. And I just want you to know the thing that pushed me over the top for loving you was that you separated out the junk mail from the regular mail. I will definitely use your services again the next time we go on vacation. Thanks again - you obviously love your job."

-- K.Lavalliere, South Surrey --


"My experience of working with Lawana was positive from day one. Her care and attention to detail is extremely reassuring. Thank you Lawana, from me and my feline family."

-- J.Nolte, South Surrey --

"Excellent service!"

-- S.Rolland, White Rock --

"For the first time ever, when I returned home, my cat wasn't attention-deprived! Kasey loved his sitter [Claire]. "

-- S.Wiltse, Langley --

"We came home to a well cared for pet. PS - we enjoyed the web pictures!"

-- G.Swayze, Langley --

"Sophie appeared very calm on our arrival home, it was as if we had never been away. Thank you Lawana for taking such great care of Sophie. Thanks for the daily notes, we enjoyed hearing how Sophie was doing. Sophie thanks you for the wonderful care and to say she would like to see you again."

-- V.Striefel, White Rock --

"I was very nervous about leaving my cat alone for several days. She's 11 yrs. old and has diabetes and has never been alone for longer than a day. My vet gave me a Cat's Cradle business card and suggested I get in touch with them. I checked out the web site, which is very professional, and which gave me a complete overview about Lawana and her services. I invited her over and was blown away by the interview process and the in-depth attention to every detail of her in-home pet care. And it was obvious how she loves cats - and Spice responded to her so well. The paperwork was done and everything was set up for our 5 day absence. When we returned home, everything was perfect - Spice was happy and healthy, we had a complete diary of Lawana's visits, our fish was alive and well, and even my balcony plants were watered. I would use this service again and would recommend Lawana & Cat's Cradle in a heartbeat."

-- W.Frazer, White Rock --

"Other than missing our 'babies', we never once worried about them. Just from our consultation, we knew Lawana was the right person for the job. We greatly appreciated the detailed notes and pictures too - it helped us not miss our kitties so much. We most definitely will use this service again. Thank you Lawana, you truly are a wonderful person and cat lover."

-- C.& D.Algard, Surrey --

"Lawana was great with my shy cat. She was patient and persistent when making friends with him. It gave me great peace of mind to know that she was with my cat and taking such good care of him!"

-- A.Hough, Surrey --

"Lawana makes leaving the house and kitties alone a relaxing experience! It is comforting to know the cats will be regularly and well cared for while we are away. I have already recommended her to our friends with pets. PS - Simon and Joey strongly recommend this 'critter sitter', too!"

-- C.& S.Kielman, Surrey --

"Going away for five days when our Boo became sick with crystals did not make me feel very good, until I met Lawana. I felt absolutely certain he would receive the attention he needed with his meds and special food - more so than if we had a friend with no professional cat care experience stay overnight."

-- J.& K.Cucheron, Surrey --

"We are so pleased with the care our cat was given. This was the first time we have had anyone cat sit, so were unsure of what to expect, and we are so happy that we found Lawana. She is truly an awesome person and a true animal lover. We also appreciated the daily diary and checklist left for us. We will always ask Lawana to care for our cat in the future."

-- S.& T.Yarwood, Surrey --

"Thank you for looking after Palmer on such short notice... As soon as I met you, I knew Palmer would be well cared for and I could enjoy my holiday - and I did! Thank you Lawana!"

-- J.& L.Ward, South Surrey --

"Thank you so much for sitting for our two 'terrors', Jack & Brie. It was so nice to be able to take the pressure off friends and family. Your knowledge & professionalism set our hearts at ease so we could truly relax and enjoy our vacation!"

-- A.Donaldson, White Rock --

"Over the past many years we have had many types of pet sitters. This is the first time we have had such detailed reports. Thank you for your loving care of our furry friends, we do appreciate what you do for their comfort. The tips you give are great. Pill pockets make giving medication a tasty treat for our Tubbs."

-- S.& B.Robertson, Langley --


"Normally I am worried to death about our cats when we go away. But knowing that Lawana was there, I was relaxed, and could enjoy our vacation. It was great to come home to such detailed notes on what was done at each visit. I think our cats are actually sad to see us home, as Lawana took such good care of them, and gave them more attention than we are able sometimes. We will be using Cat's Cradle from now on when we go away!"

-- L.& M.Itkonen, Surrey --

"Wonderful care to our 2 cats. They both seemed very happy when we got back. Thank you Lawana."

-- P.& B.Bracken, Cloverdale --

"Our cats loved Lawana so much they pined for her after we got back! They seemed to miss her visits."

-- W.& M.Piel, Surrey --

"It is great to find a stranger to trust with our pets and our home. People asked if we worried about a stranger in our home, but we never felt like Lawana was a stranger. Our cats were very friendly on meeting Lawana, which put us at ease. We will definitely use Lawana in the future."

-- A.& T.Williams, Langley --

"Right from our first meeting, both Sharon and I were very comfortable giving Lawana keys to our home and care of our cats. Both Basil and Riley took to her and enjoyed her cuddles. Lawana provides care in a professional manner with a personal touch, and we would be happy recommending her and Cat's Cradle to family and friends."

-- K.Anderson & S.Newbery, Langley --

"Lawana went above and beyond in caring for our 'boys'. Her professionalism and care for the cats is excellent. We knew our cats and home were in capable hands, and we were not worried on our vacation about how things were going back at home. We were able to relax on our vacation, knowing all was well at home. Many thanks, Lawana!"

-- S. & T.Collins, South Surrey --

"Going away on vacation and knowing that our 5 cats, 1 hamster & fish will be loved, not just looked after, is so wonderful and adds significantly to our relaxation time away!  Lawana has visited our house a number of times over the past couple of years and will again at least 2 more times this year.  We really appreciate the care she provides for each individual pet, understanding their different needs and wants.  The updates we receive via email while away really add to our vacation enjoyment as well as the detailed notes we receive upon returning home.  We're so glad to have Lawana as part of our 'family', someone we can trust the care of our pets and house to!  Please don't ever move or retire!"

-- S.Comeau, Fleetwood --

"I was really concerned about taking my cats to a kennel, as we had just moved into a new home 4 weeks prior.  The service was great and I sensed that Lawana really cares about her charges.  Having the pets stay home and have someone come in was important and less stressful on my cats."

-- M.Macrae, Surrey --

"We were thrilled to see how healthy and content our cats were when we returned home from our almost 3 weeks away.  Lawana was fantastic!  She emailed us pictures of our kitties, and allowed us to have a worry free vacation!."

-- T. & W. Lok, Surrey --

"We have felt guilty many times leaving our pets in the care of people who we know are only feeding the cats and occasionally scooping the litter.  We knew they weren't getting any affection.  In fact, once our neighbours couldn't get our cat back into the house for 6 days, and he had lost so much weight because he had no food.  It was awful.  With Lawana, we have the utmost confidence that she can handle any situation with our cats while we are away - whether it is administering medications, making sure they get love and attention, and if they need vet treatment, we know they will get it.  Lawana has even thought of an emergency plan in case something happens to her if we are out of town.  This is the way to go."

-- A.Schadeck, Surrey --

"Our four cats love Lawana when she comes to play with them. She brings love and affection and sometimes a toy. Lawana is great about leaving notes about her visits, and the house is spic'n'span when she leaves. I would recommend Cat's Cradle very highly for your next travel needs."

-- C.Ritchie, South Surrey --

"Excellent service, very professional. I enjoyed the notes left by Lawana. Great value."

-- L.Bell, Fleetwood --

"I usually feel a bit worried about our pet - back home and alone - while we are away. After meeting with Lawana, whose pre-sitting interview covered all possibilities, my mind was more at ease about the care our cat was receiving. The e-mail updates helped. We returned to a contented cat!"

-- B.Dowhaniuk, White Rock --

"We are totally satisfied with the care provided to our 2 cats, one of whom is diabetic. She provided their total care for 2 weeks while we were on vacation and all instructions were followed exactly as we requested. We were able to enjoy our holiday knowing our 2 beloved indoor cats were well looked after. We would highly recommend her pet care services and look forward to having her care for them again."

-- G. & M.McCreadie, Cloverdale --

"It was so reassuring to know that the cats, house and fish were in safe hands. We could really enjoy our rare vacation."

-- T.& G.Meffen, South Surrey --

"Lily was very well cared for. I knew she might be lonely as her buddy Vinnie had been very sick and was gone. I don't think she was lonely for one minute as Lawana thoroughly spoiled her. I would recommend Lawana for any pet and house care. I was away for just a short time, but did not worry about my animal at home."

-- C.Krause, Clayton Heights --

"Lawana was great! I called her last minute in an emergency and she was able to squeeze us in. My two cats and rabbit loved  her! I'm sure the pets can't wait for our next vacation so they can play with her again."

-- J.Nelson, Walnut Grove --

"I think you take better care of my kitties than I do!  :-) "

-- H.McLeod, Fleetwood --

"Our first and definitely not our last time using Cat's Cradle & Lawana. Our Snowy and Oreo couldn't have been happier than we were! Thank you so much, Lawana, we felt like our cats were in the best possible hands outside of ours. Thank you Thank you!!!! "

-- The Grange Family, South Surrey --

"We would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone we know for quality in-home pet care. You allowed us to get away for a worry-free holiday. Thanks so much, Lawana!"

-- S.& B. Green, White Rock --

"I was very pleased with the service and care that Pearl received. I highly recommend Cat's Cradle and Lawana's personal touch in caring for my pet in her own home!"

-- C.Hendricken, White Rock --

"Both cats were loved and very well cared for. They were calm and well adjusted when we returned from out of town. To our great surprise, and relief, even Diamond, who does not like most people, warmed up to and welcomed Lawana. Thanks, Lawana, for taking such good care of our babies!"

-- S.& B. Coombs, Cloverdale --

"After reading your website and talking to you, I knew Patti would be in good hands. Thanks again! Patti will enjoy seeing you again in August."

-- C.Hutchinson, Langley --

"I could not have found a better sitter for my eighteen year old geriatric cat. I wanted someone with a vet background who would be comfortable giving meds. Lawana's loving gentle personality fit the bill for my timid, shy cat Hemmingway. I was extremely impressed with the high quality of service and attention given to every detail. I will definitely hire Cat's Cradle in the future."

-- S.Kushner, Langley --

"We were extremely reassured by the fact that Lawana is a registered vet assistant. We found it very very comforting to receive email updates and visit-by-visit summaries."

-- D.& S. Polman-Tuin, Cloverdale --

"Thank you, Lawana, for providing excellent care to our six bunnies!"

-- A.& A.Jin, South Surrey --

"The service offered is great. I've had other in-home cat sitters, but none as thorough as Cat's Cradle. I can go away knowing my pet will get the best of care while I'm gone. Thanks for everything!"

-- S.Salem, Langley --

"I would and will use your services again. We loved the pictures we received and updates on Ella. I could tell by Ella's demeanour when we returned that she thoroughly enjoyed your visits! She was so well taken care of; our most sincere thanks."

-- S.& D. Morey, Surrey --

"One of our cats has a medical condition and we had been very concerned about taking a vacation. After the initial visit with Cat's Cradle, we felt very confident leaving our cats in her care. We were very impressed with the level of professionalism and her attention to detail. Our cats were healthy and happy when we returned home and the journal of daily visits was greatly appreciated. Thank you Lawana! "

-- Sandra, Kerry, Napa & Fossy, Surrey --

"Thank you Lawana for being there - we were able to enjoy our vacation so much more knowing our pets were in capable hands. You provide an excellent service."

-- M. & P. Whalen, Langley --

"Lawana is so well-prepared - she's thought of everything a pet-owner might wonder about or need taken care of. She takes the time to figure out what each pet likes best, and then gives them just the attention they like."

-- M.Kloster, Langley --

"This was the first time that we have felt comfortable leaving the boys with anyone other than family.  We are so excited to have finally found someone who we can trust to take care of our boys when we can't take them away.  Thank you so much!"

-- J.& A.Clowers, Surrey --

"Max and Madeline both were more playful after their few days with Lawana.  We keep thinking of them as old cats, but they seem young again.  Thanks Lawana."

-- M.Stewart, Surrey --

"I love that Lawana leaves journals of her time spent while caring for my kitties.  It's really nice to hear about all the fun they had with her, and it's also nice to know what time she came and left and what she did with them.  I was very impressed with her credentials, training, and experience with animals; I can tell she genuinely cares for my animals and takes good care of them.  I feel very comfortable leaving her with my kitties.

-- D.Smurthwaite, Langley --

"Sammie has always been very timid with anyone other than myself but he took to Lawana instantly!  I have already discussed your service with others, because your presentation and service is so professional."

-- W.Millar, Langley --

"We recently moved back to BC, and we were a little anxious about finding a new pet sitter. Then along came Lawana! Thank goodness! Our precious kitty Han needs lots of love and attention, especially when we go away. We returned home after our first vacation and found Han to be in wonderful shape - happy and healthy. We look forward to having Lawana come back again in the future."

-- L. & S.Brown, South Surrey --

"So pleased with your service.  The little stories you write for us each day really do make it apparent to us that you love our cats and do your best to make our absence easier on them.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

-- S.King, Surrey --

"Would highly recommend Cat's Cradle.  The cats seemed much more adjusted to our homecoming.  Last time, neighbours looked after the cats, but they seemed upset on our return.  Not this time, you could tell that Lawana had spent quality time with them.  The notes (daily) filled us in on the happenings of the cats.  The mail was all organized, the litter box spotless and the garbage was taken out.  A beautiful experience, thanks Lawana!"

-- K.Roberts, Langley --

"It was wonderful our kitties could stay at home and be loved!  There was no interruption to them and they were extremely happy.  We will most definitely recommend Cat's Cradle Kitty Sitting! Thank you."

-- A.Tahir, Surrey --

"I'm getting on in years and am rather set in my ways. I like things just so and I've finally got the Maid & the Butler to my way of thinking. I do like going camping with them in the trailer (it's just like home), but this spring I let the Maid and the Butler go on holidays for a week and they weren't able to take me along – a dilemma solved with Cat's Cradle Kitty Sitting.

Lawana first visited ahead of time to introduce herself to me (and to the Maid and the Butler) talking about her excellent background, her services and code of ethics and her plans for the time they were away. I kind of kept my distance sizing her up as well while the Maid and the Butler signed the agreement and provided contact details, keys and a tour of my place. Lawana seemed to be the cat's meow.

Well, she is the cat's meow and more. She came every day, just like she said she would, she fed me, checked my litter box, she even let me outside, albeit on the leash, for a breath of fresh air. But the best part was the tummy rubs – that's seventh heaven, so warm, cuddly, and cozy – Lawana can do that any time she likes. We even played although I'm much too senior for a lot of that sort of thing. I wasn't lonely at all and looked forward to her visit each day. And the Maid and the Butler got a full description of each day's activities and events. She even let me write a note to them telling how great my sitter is.

I've got to go – time to find the Maid or the Butler for my next tummy rub (it didn't take long to get them trained) – so tata for now. I heartily recommend Lawana and Cat's Cradle for you and your servants if you let them go away and they can't take you with them."

-- Minuit Plummer, Surrey --

"Caring - Professional - Organized - Enthusiastic...  These are only a few words to describe Lawana and the services her company offers.  Thanks to Cat's Cradle, I have peace of mind that not only my "girls", but also my home, are in very good hands.  Any worries you may have about in-home cat care will be put to rest after your first meeting with Lawana."

-- B.McCoy, Cloverdale --

"Mummy & Daddy loved how they were able to leave us alone at home without having to take us to the hotel at the vet only to be locked in cages for the weekend.  We thought it was so cool that we could continue our life of luxury sleeping around the house while Mummy & Daddy could still go away & enjoy their time.  Mummy especially loved that Auntie Lawana came early, early in the morning to give Luna her medication & insulin because that meant I could have my breakfast just when I expected it.  Auntie Lawana also gave me some morning loving and played with me & all my toys, and even had really cool toys of her own I loved!  Luna was especially happy that Auntie Lawana came too because then she got her medication & insulin fix so she felt good all day.  Auntie Lawana came back in the evening and did the same thing all over again, and I got my dinner just as I also expected.  Mummy said she especially loved how neat & tidy the house was as we tend to make a mess and Mummy did not have to come home and clean up anything after she had been away.  I think Luna loved how Auntie Lawana was here so she could get extra cold water and a nice clean litter box, as well as a good rub up against Auntie Lawana's legs.  Auntie Lawana was kind, loving, punctual and she wrote LOTS of notes for Mummy & Daddy so they could understand how good we were and that Auntie Lawana loves us so much.  We especially loved the fact we did not go to that hotel at the vet and have to listen to everyone keeping us up all night with antics beyond us!  We are much too sophisticated for that type of nonsense and much prefer the comforts and joys of home.  Mummy has already referred Auntie Lawana to Leo, the hottie young kitty who lives up the street who comes here every now & again and upsets our whole weekend; our whole life as a matter of fact!  I'm not so sure I want to share Auntie Lawana with anyone because she is by far our most favourite Auntie and we can't wait for Mummy and Daddy to go away again.

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr-fectly Yours,

Mr. Baboo Tahir & Ms. Luna Tahir"

-- Surrey, BC --

"Lawana looked after our three cats while we went away for a weekend trip.  Upon our return, we had a summary for each day of our trip: what the cats ate, what games they played, who got brushed...  We thought that this was a very nice touch and it gave us a feeling of comfort knowing that our cats were well cared for.  During the initial consultation, it was clear that Lawana is a cat lover!  Even our timid cat came over for a pet - and got lots of them.  We hear she even got breakfast in bed one day while we were away!  I would not hesitate to recommend Lawana's outstanding service to anyone looking for a cat sitter!"

-- D.Tarkanen, Langley --

"Cat's Cradle were great.  The whole service from start to finish was very professional - yet with a personal touch.  Phone calls were returned promptly, I knew exactly what would happen while I was away, and any specific needs were very well taken care of.  Cassie isn't always that great with strangers, but she took to Lawana immediately.  When I returned home she was happy, healthy, and relaxed - I wouldn't hesitate to leave her in the care of Cat's Cradle.  I would recommend this service to any cat owner."

-- S. Murphy, Langley --


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