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Quality, Loving Pet Care, in Your Own Home in Cloverdale, White Rock, Surrey, North Delta, & Langley, BC, Canada

Cat's Cradle Cares For Canines,Too! (...Dog Walking, Dog Sitting, & Pet Taxi...)

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About Me:Kady and Me


My name is Lawana Quest, and I'm the Owner and Chief Critter Sitter, in charge of the crew and operations at Cat's Cradle Critter Sitter. (You can read about the rest of The Team further down this page :-).

If you're considering inviting me into your home to look after your pets, I thought you might like to know a little bit about me!

Animals are truly my life.

From the day I was born, I've had room in my heart for a special cat...   




…and this love continued throughout my childhood…  (Chi-Chi, with me for the first 15 years of my life!)


                       (Chi-Chi and Puccini - our "Italian-French Poodle"!)


I was the kid in the neighbourhood known for taking in the stray cats and rabbits (much to my parents' chagrin!), and catching the neighbours' dogs when they escaped and raced through the sub-division.   I spent many hours after school hanging around Brighouse Pets in Richmond, and I later spent my adolescence pet-sitting for neighbours in my apartment complex.


I've never been without a cat or two (or three!) to love…    (Skunki, Thai, & Chiki)


                             (Ninja & Minx)


          ...and no, it's not just Siameses I love!          (Whiskey, the acrobatic wonder...)


I've also shared my heart and home with dogs...    (Thai and Maddie)


   (It's a tough job, but someone has to keep the cat's feet warm!)


                                                                     …and horses...    (Cherry and Teresa)

    …and birds...       (Mandy, my Mom's Cockatoo, who was an absolute HOOT!)



Two very special cats in my life were Chiki and Pickens, who are still very dearly missed.


You can read more about Chiki and Pickens (and other treasured pets who have left this life to lie in the sun and chase bugs at the Rainbow Bridge) on the Memorials page...



   CC, rescued from C.A.R.E.S. - was a gem...








Flash-forward to the present…

…in my "spare time", I enjoy volunteering and fundraising for L.A.P.S. - the Langley Animal Protection Society (who are always in need of volunteers and donations!) - as well as horseback riding, gardening, and reading. Best of all are the long walks in parks and woods, that I spend with my energetic and goofy Chocolate Lab, Libby (so-named 'cuz she's brown, and full of beans!).  


Many years ago, I had an epiphany, and realized that, in order to truly be happy, I needed to "follow my bliss" - and my bliss is all about animals!  I'm happiest when cuddling a cat or dog - any cat or dog: I cannot pass a cat without trying to persuade him to come to me for a little love (and I'm usually successful), and I'll always cross a street to pet a dog!  As a matter of fact, I have a hard time going on vacation myself, because I miss my pets too much while I'm away...

So, after 17 years in the maintenance department at "a major Canadian airline", I made the decision to leave the insanity and stress, and to follow that bliss.   In 2003, I went back to school to become a Veterinary Assistant, worked at an equine vet clinic for a year, then started my business in April 2005 - and I have never looked back!

Please rest assured that I will love your pets as if they're my own - and they will soon come to love me, too!




About the Team:

(For the record: all of our Pet-sitters are covered under the company's Liability Insurance and Bond, have passed criminal record checks, and are great people! :-)



Lisa is a friend of mine from Richmond High School, and joined the Cat's Cradle team in 2017, specializing in dog-walks...


Lisa lives in Clayton Heights in Surrey, BC, with her rescue-doggy, Poppy, and her senior-kitty, Squeaky...









Don is another long-time friend of mine, born and raised in Richmond, and worked over 25 years for Mayfair Lakes Golf course...


Growing up, Don's family had various pets, but mostly cats, which he loves. Later in life, he was lucky to have a dog named Shelby (shown here in his pic), a very fiesty Shih Tzu. She was his baby girl for 17 years, and is still missed to this day.

He's unable to have pets where he's currently living, but he's happy to have a job where he can love and care for your fur-babies as if they were his own.






Suzanne grew up in the Lower Mainland, but has also resided in Calgary and Toronto, and currently lives in North Surrey with her husband and son.

While most of her early working experience was in the holistic health field, she also spent a number of years in the pet care industry, working as a professional dog walker and pet sitter in Toronto, and in a variety of veterinary clinics both back East and in the Fraser Valley.

Her love of animals has been life long, and over the years she has had the pleasure of owning and caring for a number of dogs and cats. Her most recent rescues included a dog named Shadow, and a cat named Saber, who both lived well in to their senior years before crossing over the rainbow bridge...








Shirley grew up in Langley on a small hobby-farm with a large garden, a dog, a cat, and two horses.

Horses were her main passion, and she was an active participant in Pony Club. Her parents were animal-lovers as well, and every stray animal in the neighbourhood ended up at their house, where they nurtured and took them in as their own, when owners could not be identified. Shirley learned early that 'animals come first', which was further instilled during her Pony Club days.

Later, she went on to become an adult educator, teaching a human services-related program at a local vocational school, and developing relevant curriculum. Shirley is now semi-retired from teaching, and looking forward to sitting with animal companions.





(Cat's Cradle is currently looking for more Pet-Sitters,

especially in the White Rock/North Delta /Surrey West/Surrey North areas!

Please go to the "Career Opportunities" page for more info!)



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